Лига радиолюбителей Украины

Офіційне повідомлення президента ЛРУ

Шановні колеги,

До керівництва ЛРУ звертаються представники національних радіоаматорських організацій з проханням прокоментувати повідомлення, яке цілеспрямовано розсилається в національні радіоаматорські організації, що є членами IARU. (Текст наведено нижче). 

Вважаю, що група осіб, яка має за мету не тільки не дати можливість радіоаматорам України займатись улюбленою справою, а й зробити все можливе, щоб  штучно створене протистояння продовжувало розколювати радіоаматорів країни в угоду приватних амбіцій.



This email is to inform you about the situation with receiption of QSL cards in Ukraine which puts under danger basic principles of amateur radio community. 

As you know, most QSL cards from international bureaus are sent to Ukraine through the UARL HQ bureau, box 56, 01001, Ukraine. This practice has been fine until last few years. However, currently there is a problem, which cannot be resolved without your attention: UKRAINIAN AMATEURS CANNOT RECEIVE THEIR QSL CARDS. 

There are currently 6000 radio amateurs minimum in Ukraine, according to the governmental statistics. The UARL, an Ukrainian organization which is a member of IARU, lists about 1200 members (according to their website, uarl.org.ua). These people pay yearly membership fee of 150 UAH ($5 US) and are able to receive QSL cards via UARL bureaus. However, for non-members, the yearly fee for receiving international QSL cards is even larger: 250 UAH ($9 US). According to the website mentioned above, there are only about 100 takers for this proposal. UARL is asking to state "for charity" (no "for the sorting of inbound QSLs"!) in the fee payment details: doesn't it sound like a dishonest way to engage people for membership?

It is clear that remaining 4700 of Ukrainian radio amateurs, much more than a half, are unable to receive their QSL cards, many and many kilograms of which are stocked somewhere in dirty garage, and sooner or later will be thrown away. It is important that neither new UARL members nor new non-members who agreed to pay fees will ever get their cards from the garage: there is simply nobody who will sort these cards again. 

In contrast, a newer organization which was created a couple of years ago, an UNGO UARL, if fully capable to process ALL INCOMING QSL CARDS and to pass all cards to ANYBONY - MEMBERS OR NON-MEMBERS - AT ABSOLUTELY NO CHARGE!

This alternative is made possible because we 1) have sponsors; 2) have already built a central QSL bureau in Kyiv, Ukraine; 3) have branch QSL bureaus in most regions of Ukraine; and 4) the process of sending and receiving QSL cards is already built. We already process many kilograms of cards each month from/to alternative non-IARU bureaus. 



"UNGO UARL" is an officially registered abbreviation (Union of non-governmental organizations "The Ukrainian Amateur Radio League").

More about our QSL bureau: 


Thank you,

First vice-president, Director of UNGO UARL HQ
Sasha Ananyev, UT7UV